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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Tri training report for 3/10/13

Yack! Had to slog out an 18 mile run today to keep on course with my Team World Vision Boston Marathon training plan. That was after swimming one mile at the YMCA, the teaching Group Cycling. Luckily, training pard, GVCer and triathlete Danielle G followed me around Lake Zorinsky on her studded-tire cross bike, packed to the gills with sports drinks, nutrition, cameras, rain gear. Luckily, we didn't need the rain gear as the storms never materialized. It was deliciously cool during the run, although I did start to run out of gas near mile 16. Had been holding a sub-8 minute mile pace for most of the run, then ended up with 8.01. Doggone it. I'll be happy if I can hold 8 minute miles during Boston. That would easily qualify me again, but I doubt I'll go back. $$$.

Goals for Boston:

  1. Finish
  2. Enjoy the atmosphere
  3. Don't cramp up
  4. Finish in top half of my age group. No slugs here so that's not bad
  5. Better goal, finish in top quarter of age group. 
So, follow my training here and at our Greenstreet Velo Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/greenstreetvelo

El Guapo, deep-fried and not-so-supreme at the moment. 

Friday, February 08, 2013

Greenstreet Velo Club

Hey Greenies and friends,
Since we mostly use our Greenstreet Velo Club Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/greenstreetvelo#!/greenstreetvelo) for most our club activities and reports, I haven't kept this old blog current. I'm going to try to revive it with some recent news, like the triathlon club news below. Feel free to post the occassional item here to keep it "active."

El Guapo (Pete)

Hello Greenstreet Velo Members and Friends,

I registered Greenstreet Velo Club as an official USAT triathlon club. We are diversifying and offer another benefit for being a Greenstreet Velo Club member or entertain the idea of joining up.... Thanks to our great sponsors the Lerner Company, Vrana Construction and Greenstreet Cycles for affording us the opportunity to add this element to our growing club!

We have a solid core of triathletes within the club already. If you are interested in branching out into triathlons, or already are a triathlete, be sure to make sure your USAT membership and GVC membership is current, then select Greenstreet Velo Club as your triathlon club of choice.

We will offer group training rides and clinics, starting with the event created below. We are working hand in hand with our partners at Pinnacle Fitness Club to put on a triathlon clinic soon, with a big discount for GVC members and your very own GVC members participating as instructors. Dave and Pete will address elements of the bicyling component of racing in tris, Jonathan may offer insight into bike fittings. Erin and Danielle will work with you in the water. Erin is a Master's swim instructor and Danielle will film underwater stroke analysis. Lori will lead the overall tri-clinic. This promises to be a hugely beneficial clinic for the beginning or advanced triathlete.

See more below on Dave and Michelle's success story in this week's February Pinnacle newsletter!

Finally, here are the steps to editing your USAT profile to select Greenstreet Velo Club as your triathlete club of choice, now serving all triathletes.

From our USAT Club contact Melissa:

From: USA Triathlon Clubs
Date: January 25, 2013, 5:47:46 PM CST
To: Pete <>
Subject: RE: USAT Club Listing
Hi Peter,

It was great to touch base by phone! I appreciate your understanding as I work through technology issues and learning all the ins and outs of working at USAT. It’s a great place to be and we’re happy to help all our clubs!

Here is some information coming out of our call:

NOTE FROM PETE: First, I logged into my USAT account at the USAT home page: http://www.usatriathlon.org/
Then I clicked on the red My Account tab. From there, I clicked on the Profile tab. Then follow Melissa’s instructions below:

For your club members with USAT personal profiles, to add Greenstreet Velo Club:
1. When they log into their personal profile, they will click “Edit my profile”
2. Select #4, as seen below, “Clubs”
3. Choose State (NE) and Club (Greenstreet Velo Club)
4. Click “Add Club” button to complete the process
The below is an admin view, but should be very similar for your club members. Hope this helps!

So, here we go!

El Guapo Supreme

Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11: a date that will live in infamy!

So, what were you doing on 11-11-11 at 11:11 AM? Me, I was a mermaid sandwich!

If you read the fine print of my paper, it sez "Celebrating 11-11-11 @ 11:11 AM" Too bad we ended up with the only blind dude in the joint taking our picture with my cell phone. The blurry photo doesn't do justice to Mermaid Carol S on my left, and Mermaid Carol O on my right.

We hooked up at 24 HR Fitness in Ralston for my Extreme Swim Makeover. You know, my swim nickname is Flounder. I earned that moniker during my two triathlons. Bike great, run decent, swim....flounder. Not to mention I can't swim a straight line. I look like a slalom skiier in the water, zig-zagging hither and fro.

Carol O, aka Aquawoman, Dara II, or Flipper, offered to do the makeover. Carol O, she of Marian fame, nationally ranked competitor, certied instructor and molder of clay.

Carol S, winner of a bazillion triathlons, Trek the Towers, Sears Towers and IRONWOMAN herself, waits on the sidelines to provide encouragement and CPR.

So, first order of bizness, sez Carol O, is to see what I've got to start with. Swim an easy 100 meters, please. I plunge in the icy-cold liquid and start my thrash. I couldn't help but notice the other swimmers in the pool immediately vacate the pool lest they be knocked unconscious by my flailing arms. I swim "EZ" back n forth 2x, the oxygen-starved diesel redlining, rip the goggles off and see Carol S trying to revive poor Carol O, who had passed out after witnessing the spectacle. Carol O comes out of her stupor, leaps up and makes a valiant sprint for the exit, but a nice flying tackle by Carol S corrals her before her escape is complete. "Come on, you can fix him, you've seen worse!"

"LIAR!" she retorts. Grudingly, she returns, and accepts the challenge. "Boy, we've got trouble. Right here in River City. Trouble, starts with T and rhymes with P, and stands for Pool. You are a menace in the Pool. However, I'll do it. You will be my crowning achievement!" she tells me.

We get down to Add/Remove Programs. She removes Windows Thrashing. She reinstalls Swim 101 and Drills Basic. I'm rebooted. I learn to glide on my side/back, arm extended, with just my snout out of the drink. Then I add in snout to water and snout back up, I add a stroke to my snout out/snout down move, I flip to the other side, then repeat. I graduate to 3 strokes eventually. At some point, I become self-aware. I begin to THINK. I SWIM! I AM HAL, model 11-11-11@11:11. Makeover commenced, but not complete. Estimated date of prototype release, September 9th, at Ironman Wisconsin, 2012.

And where were you on 11-11-11@11:11 AM?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Joules Cross

As we head into the heart of the cx season, this weekend of racing in Kansas sounded like a good one to try. The course is laid out on private land, with the owner generously giving the local cyclists a place to race both cx and dirt track. They held a series this summer racing around a 300m dirt oval on fixed gear bikes (using cx tires-this isn't a smooth surface), which sounds like a lot of fun. Anyhow, the cx course was an excellent mix of wide open flats, hairpin descents, a board dismount and a in/out spiral. It was beautifully mown, with little need for any additional marking.The first day course was extremely bumpy in spots, especially on a long descent-none of us could find a good line and ended up feeling like we were operating jackhammers. There were about 40 in the entire masters heat, with 16 in my division (50+ masters) Saturday. The standard set of 360 Racing Team masters were there to beat on everyone, including Steve Songer (10th at Planet Bike USGP a few weeks ago in 45+). I knew that if I was not on his wheel after a 1/2 lap, I was racing for second. They started us in waves (30+, 40+ 50+ and 60+). I had a horrible start and was immediately gapped by Songer and David Moore, along with a couple of other riders, so vying for second it was. I worked my way through the group that gapped me, and after 1.5 laps, only David Moore (and, of course, Songer) remained in front of me, and he was riding extremely well. He's been tearing it up this year, and I started to wonder if I would catch him. I noticed that he was struggling on the climbs of the course. After another lap, I could see that I had made up 5 seconds on him, with another 10-15 remaining, so I redoubled my effort and reeled him in. When he saw me go by on the next lap, he tried to stay with me, but I sat in for a bit, then punched it up the first hard uphill and dropped him. Sailed in for 2nd place.

Other local racers fared well. John Rokke finished 2nd in the 3/4 race, Aaron Treadway 6th; Sydney Brown easily beat out the Open Women's field. The one downer was Rich Pearson's crash in the master's 60+ race: he was handily winning it, but slipped on a corner descent and broke a bone in his shoulder. 4-6 weeks of no racing. Ouch. Sheclismo rider Elisabeth Reinkordt from Lincoln did well in the women's 3/4, finishing 5th. Huge women's 3/4 field, rivaling the size of the men's 3/4, which is a great sign of progress.

Competition for the second day was tougher, with Songer and Moore's teammate Andy Lucas (9th at PB USGP 45+) joining in the fun. The course was fun and fast on Sunday, with hairpin descents that were a great technical feature. Much better start, but Songer and Lucas got away as I was stuck behind a rider with quick acceleration but poor handling skills through the turns. I was solidly in 3rd after a lap, with Moore chasing. Songer and Lucas worked out to a 20 second gap ahead of me, which they maintained. I struggled to get any closer, but a headwind on the flat stretches of the course gave the two teammates a big drafting advantage (though they later told me they were trying to drop each other on the rest of the course). Moore gradually fell back to about 20 seconds behind me, and it stayed that way for the rest of the race, with Lucas winning, Songer 2nd, myself 3rd, Moore 4th, and Dan Hansen (also riding for 360, great photo here) rounding out the top five. I was the VV in the middle of a 360 sandwich.

The Nebraska crew duplicated its efforts from yesterday: Sydney won (beating nemesis Catherine Walberg), Rokke finished 3rd in the 3/4, and Elisabeth Reinkordt 7th in the women's 3/4s.

Two podiums, a terrific course, a well-run event (Free State Racing did an outstanding job of promoting the event) and my wife there to cheer me on made for an excellent weekend of racing. Joules Cross is definitely worth the drive to Lawrence.

Friday, October 14, 2011

There is proof in the proof. Done, medaled, toasted and the Diet Coke Victory Salute! Chicago Marathon 2011, the Revenge Tour, is in the books!

I haven't had a sponge bath since I was a baby, but these sponges saved my bacon during the crispy hot run!

Added a couple of telling photos to supplement previous Marathon Madness blog below. It's Friday and I'm feeling all giddy again. Resting up after Sunday's marathon is done. Several yoga sessions, Panera's coffee visits, and some easy pedaling and I'm feeling human again.

Need to start training for Ironman Wisconsin 2012, starting tomorrow at the SW YMCA at 7 AM. Must confront the swimming demons and begin thrashing about. Actually, Carol has promised to reinvent me as a swimmer. Let the madness continue.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maple Y represents at the 2011 Omaha Corporate Cup

Stacy and I went to the Omaha Corporate Cup Awards banquet last week. The Greater Omaha Metro YMCA lady team finished 2nd overall in the team event. The YMCA men, which included El Guapo Supreme, finished in 3rd. Good showing!

Stacy teaches a mean Body Pump class and Group Cycling. She has a loyal following for good reason. Your truly teaches Group Cycling and Yoga at the Y. If you are interested in attending, let me know. I can drum up some guest passes. Love my Y family!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Marathon Madness

Race Report for Chicago Marathon 2011:

El Guapo Supreme and his little enchilada Millie celebrate the final result!

The pressure was on after the 2010 Chicago fiasco. You remember last year, where I melted down in the 85F October heat at Mile 20. Walked two miles after cramping and finished at 3:58. Illusions of qualifying for Boston in my 1st ever marathon evaporated as quickly as my bi-weekly paycheck. It gnawed at me ever since. I wore my orange World Vision wristband all year as a daily reminder. I had UNFINISHED BUSINESS!

So, I trained hard for this. I changed tactics. I understood now what to expect.

Game day this year was on, Sunday, Oct. 9th. My goal was harder this year. New Boston qualifying times meant I had to run 3:30 or less. This year I followed WV training plan. No free-lancing. This year I rode my bike around Chicago before the race. No 10 mile death marches the day before the race. This year I had breakfast on race day. Last year nada. This year I ran with Nike pace group. Last year surged out of the gates way too fast. This year more Gu, water and Gatorade.

Started in Corral C next to the 3:30 Nike pace group. Running naked. No clocks, no timers, no Garmins. Just me and my iPod. Took a minute or two to get to the start line after the Kenyans started the clock. The first "X factor."

The crowd was electric. Music and bands everywhere. Millions of spectators. It was so great. One should experience this as either a competitor or a fan! I high-fived some Husker fans. I did some dances. I rallied the crowds. I was into this. No demons this year like last year at mile 7. Good frame of mind. Got to 13.1 with juice. Now down to bizness. Next obstacle was to run thru mile 20 where last year's meltdown started. Did it!

Then at mile 23, the Reaper visited, as you knew he would. My right hammie seized. Arggghh! Not again. No! Decision time. Submit to the pain like last year or refuse to lose? Teetering at the edge of the abyss. Called on old reliable. The Diet Coke. The DC brought me back from the abyss. I was not going to allow this opportunity go. I dug deep. Then deeper. The 3:30 group pulled away when I cramped. I tried vainly to catch back on. They are tantalizingly close, maybe a 100 yards ahead. Finally, mile 25 arrives. 1.2 miles to go. A minute or two to play with. The X factors; the time it took to get to the starting line, coupled with the 3:30 group slightly ahead of pace and the perceived 59 second cushion. Previously, you could finish in 3:30.59 and still qualify.

I could still do it. I'll never do it if I don't give 100%. I ran as hard as I could. I round the final corner. The FINISH LINE was .2 miles ahead. The Nike pace group finishes. I'm a 100 yards behind. My face is contorted in pain as I "sprint" for the line. The clock reads 3:31.50. Was it enough with the X factors?

I think I've made it by the hair of my chinny chin chin. Then someone tells me there is no longer a 59 second cushion offered by Boston. I sink. I despair. So bleeding close. I desperately needed that cushion. Without it I am forked. I am low. Lower than whale poop. Lower than a snake's belly.

I muddle my way towards the World Vision hospitality tent. I am grim. I've been reaped. CK approaches. She had runner tracking on her cell phone. She shows me. Unofficially, 3:29.56.

I'm dumbfounded. I am rescued again. My spirits soar. I have done it. I qualify for Boston by 4 freaking seconds! You know, one banana, two banana, three banana, four banana. The planets align. My guardian angel escorts me. I enter the tent and scream it out....Boston Baby!!! Everyone in the tent claps and cheers. I reach for a Diet Coke. Pop the lid and drink it all in. The DC. Next up, Boston 2013. The Boston DC party!